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Hidden Acne Causing Ingredients In Every-Day Products

Pore clogging ingredients lurk in items you may use every day. And you just don’t realize it. So even if you are diligently following an effective home care regime your skin can still get clogged up by these offenders.

Hand Lotion

If you are using a hand lotion with comedogenic ingredients then touching your face it will cause problems for your skin. Many of us touch our faces continually without even realizing it by; leaning on your hands at the office, sleeping on your hands, or constantly brushing bangs out of your eyes.

Lip Balm

Many lip balms and glosses on the market have at least one pore clogging ingredient in them Like: Coconut Oil, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, and Isopropyl Myristate. EOS has coconut oil in it. And the beloved chapstick has isopropyl myristate. So check ingredients carefully. Using a pore clogging lip product can cause non-stop breaking out around the mouth and on the chin. I recommend; lip gloss and lipstick by Priia Minerale – Derm, Aquaphor Healing Ointment (Not Lip Repair), and good old vaseline.


The exact reason why Biotin aggravates acne sufferers is not known. Some speculate that it may cause cells to proliferate which may contribute to retention hyperkeratosis (dead skin cell build up in the pores). No matter the reason, experience has proven Biotin creates problems for acne prone skin. It can be found in supplements and in protein shakes. I recommend finding a shake with egg white or hemp protein. And usually gummy vitamins don’t have Biotin in them. But as always check the ingredients.

Green Smoothies

Dried Spirulina contains 60% protein! So many find that Spirulina is superior to typical plant protein. However, Spirulina also contains high amounts of iodides. And iodides are a disaster for acne. Whey and Soy protein also do not bode well for the acne sufferer. I recommend egg white protein.


A common household product that seems innocent but could create problems. Some tissues are embedded with oil and lubricants for softness or to make them anti-viral. These are the exact ingredients that could be clogging up the skin you are doing all the right things to keep clear.

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