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Acne Treatment

The Clear Skin Program

By combining the use of clinical-grade home care products and in-office treatments, I will be able to clear your skin in about 3-4 months.

The Clear Skin Program consists of:

  • Initial Acne Appointment

    Assess your acne type, perform sensitivity tests and design a home care product regimen specifically for you.

  • Home Care Regimen

    Purchase the products for your home care system which you will use until your next Bi-weekly Appointment.

  • Bi-weekly Appointments

    Come in every 2 weeks for your scheduled Acne Facial Treatment when I will reassess your skin’s condition and adjust your home care regimen for your skin’s changing needs.

Want more details? Read how it works.

Or, continue below for specifics of each treatment phase:

Your first appointment with me begins with an accurate analysis of your skin type and the type of acne you have. We will go over lifestyle choices that may be exacerbating the condition of your skin such as: foods, medications, cosmetics, hair products, shaving products, ingredients to look out for and more. You will learn what type of acne you have, what can cause breakouts, and what to avoid.

I will then do a facial treatment to further analyze your skin’s condition and determine your home care products. It will include:

  • A serum test to see what strength of home care products will be best for you
  • A micro peel to start the process of sloughing the outer layer of skin and loosen impactions
  • Extractions may or may not be done this first visit depending on the condition of the skin
  • Anti-bactieral treatment
  • Hydration treatment

(There is no steam used in this treatment)

Please download and fill out this questionnaire and bring it with you to your first appointment.

Scheduled immediately after your Initial Acne Appointment; every 2 – 3 weeks following your initial appointment. Treatment times vary depending on how many extractions are needed.

  • Treatments every 2 weeks $125

Regular acne treatments are crucial if you want to get your skin clear. All acne treatments are focused on the specific needs of the skin at the time of treatment. Sometimes you may need more extractions, or won’t be able to tolerate a lot of extractions. You may need more hydration, stronger exfoliation, or anti-inflammatory action. My customized acne facial treatments include: cleansing, a micro peel or enzyme mask, extractions, anti-bacterial treatment and sunscreen. No steam is used in these facial treatments.

During your follow up appointments I will also assess what changes will need to be made to your home care regime

  • Back $125 ($95 if included with facial treatment)
  • Chest $95 ($50 if included with facial treatment)

Acne can occur on the back and chest even if the face is clear. Body acne is assessed the same way as the face. Products will be tested to evaluate tolerance. Use of home care product regime is required. For best results, you will need regular treatments until you are clear. Stronger exfoliation and treatments can be performed on the back to get the skin to clear while the chest may require a lighter treatment

You’ve completed the Clear Skin Program and your complexion is clear. Congratulations! Do you want to pursue even healthier skin? Come in for an Acne Facial Treatment; offered to all clients who have completed the Clear Skin Program or who are former clients of Face Reality.

  • $125 for an Acne Facial Treatment – includes: cleanse, enzyme peel, extractions, anti-bacterial treatment, mild to moderate peel, and a mask
  • Stronger Peels price varies $130 – $150. Consultation is required.  Properly preparing your skin with home care products is also required 10-30 days prior. Starting with a mild to moderate peel may be recommended

A Clear Complexion can be yours!

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